Power Wheels


 With regular use, Power Wheels might face some issues that require part replacement to fix. At Pickering Appliances, get Power Wheels replacement parts for Batteries, Chargers,

Parts Diagrams, Foot Boards, Steering Wheels, Switches, Hub Caps, Steering Linkage, Shifters, Seats, Hood Latches, Hoods, Decals and Stickers at affordable rates. Buying genuine and compatible parts is a must because it is a question of your children’s safety.
We carry genuine Power Wheels Replacement Parts to meet your every requirement. Simply order from the comfort of your home, get products home-delivered, and carry easy repairs to get your Power Wheels vehicle working again. Using genuine and compatible parts increase the longevity of the vehicle and ensure the safety of the children. Search for the required part from the product finder and get what you’re looking for immediately. Quality Power Wheels replacement parts and accessories from top brands are available at exclusive prices.  Make your Power Wheels fully functional with top-quality replacement parts from the online store and put your child in the driver’s seat once again!  Easy & Fast Delivery. Huge Selection. Great Offers. Low Prices. Best Deals. Top Brands.