Pickering Appliance takes many precautions to make sure that our customers' personal and financial information is secure. Extensive security measures have been taken to safeguard access to this web site and protect all sensitive exchange of information.

Pickering Appliance accepts credit cards through highly secured facilities.

Brief Security Overview

All sensitive data that is transfered from your system to this server is highly encrypted. All sensitive data remains encrypted while being temporarily stored on this server. The data is decrypted only when it reaches our store where it is decrypted and processed.

Technologies used to accomplish this are SSL (Secure Socket Layers), GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) and a well-secured, FreeBSD server (labelled the most secure operating system available).

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layers) secured web site ensures the privacy of information being transferred over the Internet through a process called encryption. Encryption is a procedure whereby information is converted into a unintelligible code that is decoded only upon arrival at the authorized destination. This process is very secure and is the method employed by financial institutions and major e-businesses to conduct online transactions securely.

To check when an SSL connection has been established, look at the status bar at the bottom of your browser to see if it is indicating a secure connection. In Netscape Navigator there will be a lock icon in the bottom left hand corner of the browser at all times. When this icon displays as an open lock you are not on a secure page. When this icon displays as a closed lock, you are on a secure page. 

Internet Explorer is slightly different. When you are not on a secure page, there is no lock icon in the bottom status bar. When you are on a secure page there will be a small gold lock in the bottom right hand area of the status bar, as depicted below.

Note that SSL is used only for pages where privacy is needed (such as pages where you enter a credit card number) - regular browsing does not require SSL. 

What is GPG?

GPG (Gnu Privacy Guard) is an open source alternative to PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). This to-date unbroken encryption mechanism is so powerful that it has until recently been considered a weapon by the United States government. We use GPG to further enhance the security of your private information. Is GPG secure? For the moment, yes... If you use a billion computers and each computer can try a billion different keys per second (no computer can do that), it would still take longer than the age of universe to try every possible key. To someone who potentially intercepts our communication, it will look like this:

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It should be noted that the security measures we take go far beyond what is normally required for a shopping site. We hope that the use of these technologies demonstrates our firm commitment to safe Internet shopping with Pickering Appliance.